Your Comments On Planters And Vegetables In The Town

We asked “Would planters in plain areas such as the station entrances etc, filled with vegetables that are free to use, brighten the town”?

It seems that local people are a little concerned that the vegetables would be contaminated by yobs and anti-social people. Apart from that aspect people like the idea and have offered suggestions of other areas where this has been a success.

It’s a good idea, if respected by everyone. Worth a try!”  Roxie Wood

I’d suggest using synthetic flowers in any low to ground planters around town , they stay bright and need no tending!”  Bando Mc’Tavish

For hangers , local businesses could sponsor a planter ,, sporting their logo and choice of flowers for X amount of time and a small donation!
As for veg , it’s a good thought but a better one would be a small hold / community veg patch” 
Bando Mc’Tavish

If Horley was a tiny village where everyone knows everyone it might be worth a shot,I hate to say it but someone is bound to just take the lot or use it as a toilet..also what about the potential encouragement of vermin ( none human varieties!)”  Tracy Hill

I think in theory this is a fantastic idea, but agree with the notion that it relies on the concept of neighbourliness, honesty and accountability.”  Jess Hawley

Love this as a concept but don’t think horley is quite ready for organic crop sharing yet.”  Alex Hamilton

The London Borough of Hillingdon, where I’m originally from, does this outside their Civic Centre. Planted up with strawberry plants and you just help yourself. They are hardy, don’t need much looking after and in fact most fruits plants are the same.”  Michelle Patis

Sounds like a good idea as long as they are not used as a sick bucket or toilet!!!!  Not quite sure I’d like to eat the veg then!”  Carole Hills

Fabulous idea a whole town in bloom x”  Marsha Benson

I now live in Charlton SE London but come from Horley and this is done at our local station and works well with tomatoes etc. It is maintained by volunteers”  Glenda O’Sullivan

Yes!”  Jayne Nagle

Yes!!!  Diane Chambers

I can’t see any reason why not, as long as the local wildlife doesn’t decide to tip it over after a night’s partying “for fun”.”  Andrew Down

Strawberries in troughs and raspberries in boarders. They look after themselves, flower for many months to feed the bees that are in dire straights at the moment and fruit for passers by / birds”  Lisa Scott

Sounds like a good idea depending on how this was managed.”  Cara Munnery

No but fruit trees would be good eating cherry / pear & apple & plum trees”  Elvis Hames

I like the idea of strawberries and a herb garden which are good because they pretty much look after themselves”  Nicola Marden

Hmm I would say the flowers are great and do make a difference. In general I would say its better to try and focus on the brightening things that make the town dull.”  Yell Adda

“Too much temptation for vandals. Such as shame as a lovely concept, but do not think it will work in practice”   Tania Peppiatt

It’s been done in other places and is a great way to share resources and encourage people to share responsibility for the neighbourhood.”  Mandy Hobden