Your Comments On An Indoor Market For Horley


We asked “If an indoor market was available, would you use it?

Wow… A huge amount of support has been shown for this project and in our opinion, shows just where we should start on the long road back to a thriving high street.

Yes but needs to be open on Saturdays – working all week.  Lorraine Goodger

Yes in a heart beat the little town needs more to draw people here other than charity shops”  Ann-Marie-Palmer

Yes I would particularly if there was a range of fresh foods  Cara Munnery

Yes – will you have free parking?”  Kim Harold Evans

Yes”  Sophie Wynne

Yes it would be a good thing. I’d certainly shop there”  Joanne Delilah Chard

“Yes”  Tamara Louise Perry

“Yes”  David Stride

“Yes”  Val Caffyn

Food needs to suit every budget not just fancy foods. Not everyone can afford them and it may exclude any whole category of shoppers. Yes please  Kate Louise Large

Yes, depending on the type of market. Perhaps as a stall holder (if costs were reasonable) or as a customer.”  Alison Dowrick

Yes, esp if fresh fruit & veg”  Kate Cheema

Great Idea if it worked. Would LOVE to see a good Fishmonger in Horley”  Lucia Cooper

“Yes”  Nick Saunders

Yes definitely – a farmers market with fresh local produce would be great as that works well in plenty of other towns nearby (Reigate, East Grinstead…)”  Joy Andrews

Yes but you have to remember that a market is only as good as the stalls that participate, if you don’t have a good mix all that will happen is the same fate as the open market there will be nothing to induce people to use it.”  Flo Thomas

I just wish the existing market wasn’t on a Friday – for those of us that don’t work in Horley but have to go up to London, it’s impossible to get to.”  Andrew Down

 We used to have an indoor market when I was little. It was fab if I remember rightly but it was a long time ago so it may have looked great to me then lol xx”  Natali Butt

Yes please!”  Guzin Boynak

Yes, but only if it was open in the afternoons, 10am – 12pm, is too early for those that have part time jobs or night workers that need to sleep in the mornings”  Vivienne Fisher

Yes definitely”  Clare H Carpenter

Yes but I can’t imagine who would do the building. This has been tried in the past when the old Fairmans garage which stood where Waitrose now is was used. However this was never well supported by traders (bit like the Saturday Market now).”  Doug Kilborn

Farmers and fresh fruit and veg and another butchers … Would be good . Or a patisserie … Yes”  Poise Middleton

Yes definitely!”  Steph Canacott

Yes! Especially if it sold fresh fruit & veg”  Caren Baker

Probably not. There needs to be more done to make the town centre appealing & accessible. Clear signing for public space/parks – more encouragement of using high street as a business/social space – although the markets nice, it’s occasional.”  Ross Powell

“Yes”  Alex Warsop

Yes if it sold fresh fruit and veg”  Marilyn Wheatley

“Yes”  Bekka Smith

Yes yes yes!”  Loraine Spicknell

“Yes”  Tracy Dunn

Yes, we’d use it especially if it sold organic food!”  Gill Edwards

“Indoor market sound great…could use it as a x-mas market as well”  Jo-Anne Edwards

Yes please! Would be great to have something that was open at end of school time so shopping could be combined with school run. Fresh veggies, meat and fish would be great. Not jewellery, cards and associated crap!”  Charlotte Stark

Absolutely definitely.”  Diane Chambers

Yes. Local farmers market, local businesses. No tat, held on a Saturday.”  Tracy Austin

Absolutely yes”  Fran Imsure Prigge

Definitely!”  Lisa Scott

Yes indeed, it’s something every town should have.. go back to simple ways that the community can share and sell their wares, great idea”  Geoff Turner

Yep!”  Sally Payne

Playing devil’s advocate here so Where would you hold it? And why do you think it would be any more successful than the ‘wonderful’ outdoor market held in the car park every Saturday . Why would any of you make use of it when the original market is now defunct. What would be the difference. Way back Horley had an indoors market and if memory serves that amounted to around 6 stalls”  Jackie Cook

Yes I would”  Lee Duckhouse

Yes.. fresh quality local produce would be great”  Lynda Gosling

Would be dependent on the type of stalls – local home grown / homemade goods and a fish stall would be great – cheap imported trinkets and the like would hopefully be banned. It would need to be open on Fridays and weekends and that would also attract people from all over.”  Yvonne Duke

If it`s full of FRESH food and not packaged crap. Then yes. if not, I am against it. We’ve enough supermarkets”  Geoffrey Courtney

An indoor market, combining fresh foods alongside specialist arts and crafts and hobbies would be welcomed. It needs to be central, operational throughout the week, and suppliers should be given enough incentives to participate to make it sustainable in the long-term, to compete with, and provide alternatives to, the existing supermarkets. Free parking for this facility would also encourage more customers.”  Ray Stoner

Jackie Cook.. some of us haven’t lived in Horley long enough to know there was a market before but an indoor market suits all weather’s so those with kids can quite happily go there without getting soaked !  Yes 100%”  Julie Ann Suttle

Yes absolutely!”  Janice Gorringe

“Yes”  Edith Ruggeri

“Yes”  Pam Bates

The outside market used to be good this town needs something to make it good again”  Beverley Phillips

Yes, if it sold a range of fresh foods, preferably from local producers.”  Wayne Feasby

“Yes”  Sam Graves-Bevan

Yes, but as others have stated, if it was open more than just a weekday morning, & not the high end prices..Horley is in desperate need of something, moved here a year ago & it seems to be a sad little town centre, not a heck of a lot going for it which is a crying shame..”  Cheryl-Ann Ellson

“Yes”  Emily Whiting

I would come from Redhill to go there.”  Jennifer Orchard

Yes I probably would”  Ann Stribblehill




Published by local people for the people and businesses of Horley, Surrey and the local Gatwick area.