Your comments on a piano in the High Street

We asked “If a piano was placed in the high steet would you play it?

Unfortunately it appears that not many of our posters actually read the Vision Plan before leaving a comment, so whilst we had a lot of replies, most of them are not relevant to this question. Some posters were concerned that it would be vandalised.

Absolutely, however I am not sure how it could be kept safe from vandals.  Lucia Cooper

I can’t play a piano but I’d have a go ”  Sheena Khan

They have about 2 or 3 at Kings Cross Station, loads of people have a go, very entertaining”  Peter Lynch

My hubby would !!”  Brenda Rodriguez

They had one at Brighton station last time I went and yes people were playing it and it was great to see community spirit brought back to life ! Just a little something to brighten someone’s day”  Natali Butt

Yeps  Natalie Rattue

 I think it’s a fab idea…a little creativity ”  Kirky Munn

How funny but yes”  Debbie Newman

If you can play, why not? It would cheer people up and God knows, Horley needs some cheering up!”  Sally Payne

Yes!”  Neisha Shrimpton

How cool”  Clara Payne

Yes I would…I have no idea how to play but yes I would love to play a piano!!!”  Helen Julier-Goodwin

Great idea. Helps community spirit.”  Carol Summers

I would!”  Kerri Sutton

Great idea! There is one in Heathrow Airport departures terminal!”  Diane Chambers

Yes I would,have seen that in London & Brighton & it’s a brilliant idea.having a go is better than not.”  Geoff Turner

Yes I would play it!”  Louise Croney

I think a lot of people would be tempted to have a little play… If not spark some curiosity at least”  Maddy Fletcher