Property in and around Horley and the Gatwick area.

Horley in Surrey is situated halfway between London and Brighton and close to Gatwick Airport. Horley is a great place to live and has a thriving property market. A wide range of homes are available from new apartments in the centre of Horley, to new housing developments on the edges of Horley.

Average property prices in Horley for last year (2021)

According to Right Move and Zoopla the average property prices in Horley last year (2021) were as follows:

• Semi-detached properties sold for on average price of £412,993.

• Detached properties sold for an average of £550,121.

• Terraced properties sold for an average of £348,083

• Flats fetched an average of £224,053.

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New homes in Horley, Surrey

Westvale Park, new homes in the North West Sector of Horley

Westvale Park, Horley

This new development on the west side of Horley is situated on 244 acres and is bordered by the Reigate Road (A217 ) to the west and the Bonehurst Road (A23 ) to the east.

This area of Horley was first allocated as a location for the development of 2,600 new homes in the 1994 Surrey Structure Plan.

Crest Nicholson, A2Dominion, Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon have been building the 1500 houses and surrounding infrastructure.

The plans included a Neighbourhood Centre with 1,000 square metres of commercial floorspace, a community hall and sites for a medical centre and a place of worship. Twenty nine hectares of open space, play facilities and two allotment sites were also proposed.

The new primary school is Westvale Park Primary Academy.
Click here to see information on all the schools in the Horley area.

• The entrance to Westvale Park is on the Reigate Road (A217). See our map of the Horley area.

Visit the Crest Nicholson website for more information on Westvale Park.

Visit the Taylor Wimpey website to see their infrmation on Westvale Park.

Westvale Park, Horley

Forge Wood – on the Balcombe Road, between Horley and Crawley

Forge Wood will have up to 1900 homes built around a central community space, including a primary school, community centre, office space, industrial and retail space and parkland.

Forge Wood Primary School.

Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey are building the development over four phases.

Horley Business Park

Horley Business Park

A new business park is planned for the area to the west of the Balcombe Road. The proposed business park is a public/private partnership between Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and Millhill Properties.

This image is taken from the Horley Business Park website. It shows the area for the proposed business park

To see more details visit the Horley Business Park website.

Mortgage Advice

The Mortgage Advice Bureau in Horley High Street, offers expert advice for first time buyers, remortgaging, buy-to-let, insurance and more. Check out their website now.

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