Our Environment

Information about protecting the environment around Horley in Surrey, Gatwick and West Sussex.

Most of us are concerned about climate change and in particular how we can protect the environment in our area. This page provides some information on recycling, environmental issues that effect Horley, Surrey, Reigate & Banstead, Crawley, Gatwick, West Sussex and our surrounding area.

Horley’s local Revive Shop – reducing waste, helping local charities

At our local recycling centre at Earlswood you can donate pre-owned items from your home or garden to be re-sold at the Revive Re-use Shop. This really helps reduce waste. It also helps support local charities.

Click here to check out our local Revive Shop’s Facebook page for opening times.

Horley's Revive and Re-use recycling Shop

Freecycle and help keep good stuff out of landfill

Freecycle logo for the Horley, Crawley, Reigate area.Freecycle.org is a grassroots and entirely non-profit movement allowing people to give (and get) stuff free in their local area, and thus help keep good stuff out of landfills. There are currently two Freecycle pages in our area. Both cover our Horley and Gatwick area:

Crawley Freecycle and Reigate Freecycle.

Single-use plastic strategy for Surrey

In line with national policy, reducing single-use plastic has become a priority for many local authorities across the UK and elsewhere. Click here to read Surrey County Council’s strategy.

Front page of A Single-Use Plastics Strategy for Surrey
Front page of the PDF document ‘A Single-Use Plastics Strategy for Surrey’.
The lifecycle of plastic as shown by the World Wildlife Fund Australia.

This graphic showing the lifecycle of plastic was published by the WWF Australia (2021). Many of us in the UK are aware that plastic pollution is a massive problem. Surrey County Council recycle plastic but they also publish a long list of which plastic cannot be recycled and must not be put into our recycling bins.

Surrey County Council have a web page advising on ‘What can I recycle?’ This page is helpful but it’s very disheartening to see that so much plastic cannot be recycled.

For example in April 2021 for crisp packets they say: Although the inside of the packet is shiny and looks like foil, it is a metallised plastic film. This type of material is not currently recycled.

For bubble wrap they say: No thanks, you can’t put this in your recycling, put it in your green rubbish bin for collection every fortnight.

For pet food pouches they say: No thanks, you can’t put this in your recycling, put it in your green rubbish bin for collection every fortnight.
This item may be recycled by Terracycle. Find out if it is and details of how to do so by visiting Terracycle’s website.

The green rubbish bin mentioned above is for general waste. This means that the plastic that cannot be recycled goes into landfill or incineration. Our local authorities do their best to deal with waste and recycling. With regard to plastic it is the major corporations that must stop producing plastic.

“Bottled water companies do not produce water, they produce plastic bottles”.

Suggestions that reduce plastic pollution

We are not being paid to recommend these companies or initiatives. These are just people and organisations that we have spotted that are producing products that help reduce plastic pollution, help with recycling or are initiatives that help the climate crisis. Take a look at their websites, maybe try their products – and let us know what you think. Also let us know of any similar products, links, etc. Contact us at Horley Online.

Household sustainable products, eco-friendly products:

Please note we do not recommend these companies, they are just links that we have found.

Bower Collective

Earth Breeze

Smol Products

Pet food:

Lovebug Cat Food

What happened to Surrey’s waste, 2020-21

Residents in Surrey have a keen interest in what happens to their waste. This page has a report that aims to be both informative and transparent about that.

Click here to see more.

Greenpeace Surrey

Greenpeace Surrey usually meet on the third Tuesday of every month at the Lincoln Arms, Station Road, Dorking. Check events for current month details. Check out their Facebook page here.

Greenpeace Surrey are also part of the Greenwire initiative. Greenpeace Greenwire is an online community that offers support to anyone who wants to make an active contribution to the goals Greenpeace seeks in its campaigns. It is an online platform for people who want to join activities of Greenpeace, or for people with similar goals who want to organise their own activities. On Greenwire you can search for support, share information, promote local events and issues and have fun connecting with others who share your goals. Click here to find out more

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