Our Environment

The environment around Horley in Surrey.

Many poeple are concerned to protect the environment around Horley. This page provides some information on recycling, environmental issues and developments that effect Horley and its surrounding villages.

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Pressure for development, housing and business will always exist in a thriving area such as Horley. The closeness of Horley to Gatwick Airport has created a thriving and busy environment. The nearby M23 and our busy road systems link areas of housing, business parks, villages and some very beautiful countryside. Here is some information on current projects, possible developments and matters of concern.

Gatwick Greenspace Partnership, part of Sussex Wildlife Trust

Recycling and Waste

The website for the Surrey Waste Partnership gives some useful information on everything from turning food waste into bio-gas to recycling furniture: visit the Surrey Waste Partnership website. The Reigate & Banstead website also has plenty of information on recycling.

Earlswood Recycling & Waste Centre info.

The Reigate & Banstead Borough Council website has a page where you can check what can be recycled and what to put in each waste bin. Recycling info.

How to recycle

Visit the Recycle Now website and find out more about what can be recycled and how.

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Click here to see our maps of the Horley area, including a map showing the Green Belt around Horley.

Map showing the Green Belt around Horley





Horse Hill Developments

To find out more about the current development at Horsehill near Horley visit the Horsehill DevelopmentsĀ  website.

Who does what?

Click here to find out more about who is responsible for services in and around Horley and Surrey.

Map showing the land in Smallfield put forward for assessment for possible development. If the areas marked in green are approved this would be a major development for Smallfield. Is this in Green Belt?

Map showing possible development in Smallfield, 2015/16

Click here to visit the Tandridge District Council planning policy web page.

More information can also be found on the Burstow Parish Council website.

(March 2016)

The Green Belt around Horley

The UK Green Belt policy was established in 1955 primarily to stop urban sprawl.

ā€¢ Campaign to Protect Rural England.