Maps of Horley and the surrounding Gatwick area.

Map showing overview of Horley

(Not all roads are shown)

Map showing Horley and its location to Gatwick and Crawley

Map of Horley in Surrey showing the Gatwick and Crawley area.

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The map below shows Horley in relation to Gatwick, the M23, Crawley, Horsham, Redhill, Reigate and East Grinstead.

Map of Horley, Surrey and the surrounding area. Copyright Laker Sharville Design Associates

Map of the Green Belt around Horley

Map showing the Green Belt around Horley

Horley in Surrey is on the very edge of London’s Green Belt. This map of the Green Belt around Horley is taken from the interactive map on The Telegraph newspaper’s website, published in November 2012. Link to The Telegraph interactive map.

Other pages where you can see maps of the London’s Green Belt:

Map of current threats to London’s Green Belt.

Campaign to Protect Rural England, Green Belt.

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Click on the link below to see a map and information about the police crime reports for Horley and the surrounding area.

Police Crime Report – Horley, Surrey.

Published by local people for the people and businesses of Horley, Surrey and the local Gatwick area.