Looking for work

Looking for work?

Looking for work?

Lots of local companies post their job vacancies on our Horley Online 'Jobs' page, however, if you are looking for work you can post your profile on this page.

To post your profile use our contact form.

Payroll specialist seeking part time work. I have over 30 years experience within finance, specialising in payroll in the last 3 years. I have comprehensive knowledge of both RTI and Auto Enrolment. I have just finished a six month contract and am available immediately. Sandra Elmer: 07779 162384.

There is also lots of advice available online. We recommend the National Careers Service 'Looking for Work Online' website as a starting point. It has some very good advice.

Apprenticeships: The Government website 'Become and apprentice' and the 'Careers helpline for teenagers' are also very informative.


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