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Horley Local Heroes

Our Local Heroes

All around Horley local people do great things for our community. They volunteer, they raise money for local charities and much more. Here are some recent examples of what you have done to bring a smile and help others.

One of Horley's local businesses, Scobie McIntosh, organised a wonderful Christmas baking event at their HQ in Smallfield, Surrey to raise funds for local charities.

Scobie McIntosh

Scobie McIntosh, are experts in the field of commercial baking and cooking equipment. This Christmas they decided to give a little something back by organising a baking event.

Over a four-day period they baked bread and rolls everyday using 50 bags of 16kg flour along the way! Partner suppliers and friends came along and helped. Lloyds Bank sent two of their staff and the London based charity, Glass Door sent a volunteer to assist. They baked jacket potatoes, wine infused beef stews, roast veg and soups in their showroom. All of the wonderful foods were sent out to worthy charities to help the under privileged at this very cold time of year.

Scobie McIntosh charity event, Christmas 2019

The charities included:

  • Glass Door Homeless Charity – London’s largest open-access network using Churches to give shelter and support
  • Giving Back – based in Crawley and helping supply essential items to the homeless and those in temporary accommodation
  • Crawley Open House – who provide support and services such as a day centre and hostel accommodation to those local and in need
  • The Felix Project – based in London, they focus on reducing food wasteage and re-distributing food to charities that help provide a meal to those in need of such support
  • Renewed Hope Trust – based in East Surrey they provide support to the homeless and those in need with meals, shelter and clothing.

Visit the Scobie McIntosh website.

The Forget Me Nots Club in Smallfield.

The club is for referred dementia patients and their carers. We are purely a voluntary organisation and our funds are kindly and gratefully donated. Visit the Burstow Parish Council website for up-to-date contact info.

Just Springer Rescue

Just Springers Rescue is based in Horley. It was started in January 2008, and became a charity in 2010 with the aim to help and assist in rehoming Springer Spaniels to good approved homes.

Just Springers Rescue website.

Horley Foodbank

Horley Foodbank

Founded in February 2015, the Horley Foodbank responds to the needs of people in our community who are suffering from short-term crisis. Visit their website

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