Horley’s New Foodbank

Horley Town’s Foodbank

The Churches for Horley Food Bank has opened after months of planning and preparation.

Wednedsay 18th Feb saw the doors open to those who had previously needed to travel to East Grinstead, Woodhatch or Redhill.

Opening hours are:
Wednesdays 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Fridays 2pm – 4pm

This scheme is staffed entirely by volunteers who rely on donations, fundraising or food collection bins placed in offices or community areas.

Access is via referral only to those who present a voucher from an approved agency, (Raven Trust. Regents Hall and various schools in the area).

For more information e-mail horleyfoodbank@gmail.com.

Donations such as long shelf life items, toiletries cans, tea coffee etc, can be taken direct to the Methodist Church during the food bank’s opening hours.

Published by local people for the people and businesses of Horley, Surrey and the local Gatwick area.