Your Comments On Micro Business Premises.

We asked “If a shop was made available for micro businesses to share on a week by week rental scheme, would it help improve the town centre”?

There is a good feeling for this project provided that it has no detrimental effect on existing businesses.

“I’d love to run a pop up shop in Horley to sell local art and run art workshop in the holidays” Sarah Vaci

“Perhaps businesses should have relatively low rents but be tied to a profit related extra commission. The more successful the business, the more they pay.” Richard Cox

“Yes I think its a great idea. I have seen micro shops in other areas and it works. It would give artists, crafts and local people a connection to other local people and products that they would probably miss ordinarily” Geoff Turner

“Shared retail & or community space would be good also somewhere for artists crafts showing the real & many talented people of Horley” Marsha Benson

I think all new business in Horley should be welcomed and supported by all of our community” Debby Newman

A farmers market is always nice” Rose Bentley

“Its ok if the landlords are prepared to be reasonable, but its down to greed. Its a good way of testing the water for new businesses!” Sharon Hanks

“I think a 3 month very low cost trial period would be more helpful to the budding entrepreneur…and I stress that local people should have priority and offer work to local people” Karen Heffer

“I think its a wonderful idea. We see these traders at the annual St Georges Day or Carnival but as a weekday worker outside of Horley we miss these wonderful businesses” Emma Murray

“I agree with most of the comments on here, but we (local shoppers) also need to take responsibility. Shopping on Amazon or looking in local shops then buying online means businesses will never thrive” Jess Hawley

“Fundamentally this might help the high street become a destination for interesting goods etc” Jess Hawley

“Yes of course it would” Anna Stone

Yes, its worked elsewhere I believe! Useful to have examples of how and where this has already been tried would be encouraging too!”  Sally Horder

“I think it would be a good idea all round”  Tony Mundell-Phipps

“People will not come to Horley if there are no shops to visit. Why are our shops empty? High Rents and high rates, until these are lowered we are fighting a loosing battle”  Shirley Dewberry

“To me there are lots of things we could do as a town, a local currency to encourage people to spend with local businesses, craft fairs or a Saturday farmers market so that commuters are encouraged to spend in the town and two hours free parking”  Katie Hanson Pettengell

Pop up shops might be worth a go, could imagine the concept working well around Halloween/fireworks night, St Georges Day etc”  Yell Adda

I think careful thought needs to be given to the type of businesses that are given the week to week lets. Also, if businesses are sharing the space they should be complementary rather than competitive to each other.”  Theo Harris

I think it’s a good idea but shops that are appealing”  Susan Chalker
 Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have more than one shop offering the same type of goods; that attracts footfall.”  Yvonne Duke

Yes … These poor small business trying to get started an earn a living are being closed and fail before they start due to greedy Councils and land lords … Come on people lets help each other out”  Julie Ann Jolley