Horley Recreation Ground

Horley Rec is located between the A23 and Vicarage Lane.

A car park is provided at the A23 entrance end but due to the popularity of the park it is often very busy.

The Horley War Memorial and Memorial Gardens are located to the South of the park and accessed through the large Children’s Playground.

A wonderful Ornamental Garden can be found behind the newly installed Skate Park.

Also found in the park is a Multi Purpose Games Area and the homes of Horley Bowling Club and The Horley Lawn Tennis Club.

During the Summer months many fairs and circuses arrive and the Rec is also home to the ever popular Horley Carnival.

Horley's very own Donkey Derby is hosted by Horley Lions in the Rec during September.

November sees the park host the Horley Round Table Bonfire and Firework display.


Horley Bowling Club

Horley Lawn Tennis Club

Horley Round Table

Horley Lions

Horley Carnival

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