Emlyn Meadows

Emlyn Meadows can be found at the very end of Kingsley Road. Parking is available for approximately 6 cars.

The Meadows are dog friendly with lots of 'mess disposal bins' throughout the area.

This area is designated as natural flood plain and during the winter months the area can flood, becoming quite deep in places.

It usually takes between 20 - 30 minutes to walk round the Meadow with a dog, longer if there are lots of other dogs to say hello to!

At the far end is a wild flower area that becomes a very colourful sight when in full bloom.

There are four benches along the midway point and a bin for general rubbish use.

If you like woodland walks there is short one opposite the bench that meanders along the perimiter and brings you out at the far corner of the Meadow next to the wild flower area.

This is a particularly pleasant spot in the summer evenings and walkers can often be presented with beautiful sunsets and the sound of wildlife flying through the trees and swimming along the river.

The area is safe for cyclists, dog walkers and those with young children, however we should point out that there is no fence between the river bank and the Meadow so young children should be supervised at all times.

The river is not suitable for fishing.

Pathways are generally flat and well maintained. Wheelchair users should be able to enjoy this area with assistance.






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