Café in the Park

Horley Recreation Ground gets a little bit closer to a café and toilets

01f683934ff645ae9af450bd53122b6d93fd63e553 For those of you who long for a public toilet and maybe a café on our recreation Ground, things might just be on the up!

Alan Jones, Town Clerk for Horley Town Council told the Surrey Mirror “We are very much I the exploratory stage. Its an idea and we are just gathering information“.

Local residents and followers our our Horleytown Facebook page have voiced concerns about vandalism but the general feeling is one of jubilation that its even being discussed with potential operators.

This is the first step, to find out if anyone is interested in running a café and after that its whether the Council will agree to having a café or whatever it might be there” he continued.

01d8d9d4847028aaf332083de38ed9428dbac58a8aIf we get feedback and people say ‘what a great idea’, we will be even more encouraged

The Town Clerk reminded us all that “Capital costs and funding have yet to be discussed and we are not anywhere near that at the moment

So what do you think ? Are you a regular visitor to the park and would you stop off for a coffee and a bun on your way through?

Let us know what you think, there is a huge post on our HorleyTown Facebook page!

Just a slice of what people are saying…


014a147105113aec3d216c3b400b969debad46d49b“Yes definitely…just what it needs”       “Be great, to be able to get a coffee & a loo would be fab!” 

Yes a cafe would be great”      “Absolutely…its really needed”       “!Yes Yes Yes !!

Great, go for it trust the food is good.     “Yes what a lovely idea ”      “Mine’s a Latte with a hobnob!”    

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