Bonfire Risk Assessment

Be safe on Bonfire Night

Bonfire Risk Assessment

This bonfire risk assessment has been supplied to us by local health and safety experts ilisi.

1. Have you nominated a person to be responsible for the bonfire?

2. Has the bonfire been securely constructed?

3. Does the bonfire contain any dangerous rubbish e.g. foam filled furniture, aerosols, rubber, tins of paint, pressurised gas containers?

4. Have you checked the fire to make sure that there are no animals inside?

5. Have you ensured that there are adequate procedures in place regarding first aid and fire safety to deal with an emergency?

6. Is there an adequately stocked first aid box?

7. Is the bonfire in a suitable location, downwind, 15 metres from any buildings and no overhead wires?

8. Have you put some control measures in place to keep everyone at a safe distance?

9. Is there an appropriate decision-making procedure in place to modify or cancel the display due to adverse weather conditions e.g. high winds?

10. Are there enough fire extinguishers, sand and water buckets and fire blankets – and are they in accessible positions?

11. Has the fire-fighting equipment been checked?

12. Are there enough people trained to use the firefighting equipment?

13. Do you know where the nearest A & E Hospital is, and directions/map to get to it?

14. Have control measures been put in place to protect vulnerable persons including the elderly, the disabled and the very young?

15. Have control measures been put in place to protect pets and other animals?

Thank you to ilisi for the above checklist. If you have any further questions about bonfire safety or any other health & safety matters ilis will be glad to help. Visit the ilisi website now.

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